About us

Hurlnet is a Facebook group for volunteers set up on 2nd March in response to the frustration that there seemed to be so little information out there on the Visa Sponsorship programme. We need to have a support network in place now. Our mission is also to work with Ukrainian groups in the UK to assist with integration and moral support.

We are building partnerships with mental health support for children through the charity CASY. We are working closely with Rev Christine Goldsmith and her deanery, which consists of 33 parishes. We are hoping to partner with District Councils to ensure signposting to all relevant information. We are also planning to build a database of offers and coordinate the offers to where they are most needed. These will be things such as transportation, clothing, toys, furniture, equipment, business partnerships, administration/coordination, health & wellbeing, respite for hosts, excursions, weekly get-togethers and translation services,

We will also be fundraising for Ukrainian refugees and hosts to assist with additional costs which may not be available from the local government. These funds will be held safely within the deanery (a registered charity) with an approved board of members. The funds will only be distributed to the relevant Ukrainian cause. We are looking at all aspects that will assist with the resettlement of Ukrainian families and the transition to their lives in Lincolnshire as well as much needed assistance to their hosts.

The refugee crisis is growing daily, we have been told to expect 200 families in the coming days. This will not be the end of it, as there is a huge desire to help and a huge demand for humanitarian assistance.

We hope that the Hurlnet Facebook group and this website will be the go-to place with everything you need to know, whether hosting or volunteering in any capacity.

Our preferred matching partner is - https://uklinks.co.uk/M4U/

Our Mental health Partner for Children from 6-25 is CASY www.casy.org.uk

Thank you to every one of you. We can all contribute in some way.

What we do;

  • We will work with local government agencies as a conduit whilst signposting users to up todate and relevant information.
  • We will coordinate offers of help from individuals and business and distribute them to where they are needed most.
  • We will work with local groups and Ukrainian groups to assist families with both moral support and the ability to socialise with Ukrainian Speakers
  • We will partner with organisations to assist with health and well being
  • And much much more

What we need;

  • Offer of assistance (download the form or complete the online form)
  • Area coordinators
  • Local Government agencies
  • National Government agencies
  • Local Ukrainian Groups
  • To spread the word via social media and other news outlets

Please join our group. Agencies and potential partners, please email hurlnet@icloud.com, and please do your best to promote our page.