Workshops for Hosts

Support workshop for the host families

Support workshop for the host families of the Home for Ukraine scheme

We'll soon be inviting Hosts to attend a workshop designed to help you prepare for, or continue in, your role of hosting families displaced from their homeland by war in Ukraine.

The workshop is organized by the Lincolnshire cohort of the Association for Family Therapy initiative, Systemic Support for People Displaced by War and Oppression.

The workshop will aim to help participants feel more confident about what to expect, how to negotiate and manage difficult areas and how to recognise when more help is needed. We recognise the kindness and generosity of those of you offering to host and we hope, through this workshop, to help make your experience a successful one for all concerned.

The workshop will cover areas such as: setting boundaries and house rules, negotiating differences around areas like culture, language and family style; how to balance children’s needs and different parenting styles, talking about difficult stuff, managing distress and trauma. You will be provided with some tools and ideas and will have an opportunity as a group to meet and discuss and share ideas, resources and experiences.
We know that those who flee war in sudden circumstances can experience a sense of dislocation from their own culture and tradition. Language barriers can create added pressure on the host arrangement. We also know that a sense of guilt can surface for those who have left family or loved ones behind in the country they have just fled. Any bad news from their country of origin can accelerate any trauma behaviours which again test the hosting arrangement.

Format: The workshop will be two and a half hours long with practical work in small groups.

Facilitators: Qualified Family Therapists and Systemic Practitioners, all with relevant experience; more detailed information to follow.

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